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March in Montana

It’s 22 and snowing sideways. We’re making up for all the snow we didn’t get in Jan. and Feb. We need the moisture and I love snow but, I have a lot of outdoor projects I need to complete this year and I’d like to get moving on them.

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Our Little Girl’s Birthday

Today, we had 12 little girls and 2 boys at the house to celebrate M’s 6th birthday. Our little one was radiant, gracious, and thankful. WOW!

The party theme was ‘Spring’. Eggs, chicks, flowers covered the tables and cake.

The kids played carry the easter egg on a spoon (they carried the spoons in their mouths), found hidden easter eggs, watched our chicks, decorated large ceramic eggs with stickers/glitter glue, ate cake, and opened presents.

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Building the coop

I spent a lot of time scouring the web for plans and info on building a chicken coop (too much time according to my wife :). I finally settled on a plan for an 8×10 shed with a porch for storage. We headed off to Lowe’s with materials list in hand and after a severe case of sticker shock Joy nixed the shed plan. So we scaled back our (read my) aspirations and came up with a semi-mobile 8×5 coop that will still have most of the features originally planned. Since the yard is still covered in snow I’m doing all the framing in the garage and we’ll assemble to coop outside once the weather improves. I’ll post more pics then. Our little man has been an enthusiastic helper so far.

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New Chicks Arrive

After weeks of anticipation we finally picked up our new chicks at Murdoch’s yesterday. Everyone was excited including Jack.

New Chicks Video

Ahh, spring is in the air. Can’t you feel it? 😉


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