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Flip Flops and Boots

On Wednesday, we slathered on sun screen,wore shorts and flip flops, and killed a few mosquitoes. On Thursday, we wrapped up in winter garb and trudged through a foot of newly fallen snow. Today, Saturday, the sun is shining again and we are wearing hybrid outfits – short sleeves, sunglasses, pants, and snow boots. That’s spring in the mountains for ya!

Since the roads are clear we took the kids out for a bike ride. They both love riding bikes (it’s the first year) and I’m already envisioning all the new family adventures we can take.

M sings while she rides. Ever since she was a little tike she’s loved the sensation of riding. L is our solemn rider. He has been slow in truly appreciating the sport of cycling. But, as I watched him today I thought I could detect a ‘soul smile’ even if his little face did not carry one.

The chicken coop is being sided today. Everyone is anticipating it’s completion — including the chicks. I’m not even sure they can be called chicks anymore. Their older than tweens but not quite young adults. They are sweet girls who are looking for a bigger pad to call home.

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Today’s Weather

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Easter Weekend – Sunday

We woke up bright and early this morning. Even though the temperature wasn’t more than 45 there was a delightful warmth filling the air. All of creation must have been celebrating the Risen Savior. He is Risen – indeed!

I brewed a pot coffee (first things first) and then let children hunt for their Easter baskets. The children dug into the baskets immediately eating a few pieces of candy and then playing with their new flying monkeys (I didn’t realize the monkeys howl every time they are launched. Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate an “off” switch.)

After the kids had their fill of candy we sat down on the couch and read the scriptures from the last week of Christ’s life through his resurrection. Craig then lead the family through communion. I don’t think any other moment in our day will compare to the time spent around the table praying and remembering Jesus’ work for us. Afterward, our little girl danced around the table proclaiming “I just love to worship – God!”

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Easter Weekend – Saturday

We were greeted this morning by the sun streaming through our bedroom window and the children bouncing on us. Despite the glorious wake-up call Craig and I needed to consume lots and lots of coffee before we made our way out to Bridger Creek golf course for the Journey Church egg hunt. To say there were a lot of people would be an understatement. It was crazy, but the kids loved it.

After we ‘escaped’ from the egg hunt we took the kids to McDonald’s and then picked up some chicken supplies at Murdoch’s (the local Home and Ranch store).

Craig worked a few hours on the chicken coop. I played the part of his young, attractive assistant while the kids resumed bouncing – this time in the backyard.

M helped me make dinner. She also cut all the strawberries for strawberry shortcake, yummy. After dinner we dyed Easter eggs. The children did a fabulous job. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

Craig is already eagerly awaiting Easter dinner — ham, potatoes, white corn, and apple pie.

Hanging out waiting for the action to begin

Lookout! you’re about to be overun!

Showing off the spoils

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Spring at Last

It’s finally starting to feel like spring. The temps have warmed into the mid 50’s and are supposed to remain there for the week. Everyone is enjoying being out.
The chicks are getting their first taste of the outdoors, they love it.

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April Showers Bring

six more inches by morning
white covers the ground
– bad haiku

There were a few sprinkles of rain yesterday afternoon that changed to snow last night. It snowed 22/31 days in March and every day so far this month. It’s dumping again as I write this.

Snowing last night.

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Hangin’ with my peeps

The kids are hangin with their peeps after school. They’re growing up so fast, and so are the chicks. We moved them out to the garage this past weekend because they were getting a bit stinky for the basement. They seem to be doing fine out there
with the heat lamp on. M is finally getting over her fear of handling the chicks and they’re big enough now that L won’t crush them.
I’ve need to get the coop finished soon.

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