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Sabo Ranch Field Day

Today we ventured out to Harrison to the Sabo Ranch Field Day. The weather wasn’t very accommodating, it rained all day. But we were prepared with boots and rain gear so it wasn’t too bad. There were two milking demonstrations and the kids both got a turn milking the cows. They have grass fed beef and dairy cows, pastured broilers and laying hens and a few pigs. There’s also a year round green house as well as a large garden. Their house is straw bale and stucco construction, it’s very pretty and it’s totally off the grid. They generate their own power from solar and wind. We had a lunch of all locally produced foods, grass fed beef brisket, burgers and ranch dogs, blue cornbread, salad, rhubarb applesauce and tapioca. There were half a dozen different speakers talking on a range of topics from year round gardening to off grid living, holistic land management and a science project for the kids. Despite the rain it was a fun day and it was great to see folks that are doing some of the things we are dreaming of.
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June Snow

Well, right on cue just a week after planting our garden, it’s snowing again!! Something told me we hadn’t seen the last of it. It’s supposed to drop below freezing the next three nights. I put a heat lamp in the greenhouse last night and that kept the temps in the low 40’s.
The chickens didn’t seem to mind too much, they were out running around in it. Must be the built in down coats. 🙂
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