Beer bread and jack-o’-lanterns

29 Oct

Monday I baked some beer wheat bread, as opposed to wheat beer bread. Hmm, anyway it turned out well though I would’ve liked the flavor to be a little stronger. I used an Oktoberfest beer, maybe a Stout would give it that extra push over the cliff… Been baking a lot of breads lately, it’s a little like brewing ‘cept much faster and in most cases less alcoholic.

We finally got round to carving pumpkins for Halloween and of course the kids had a good time scooping out handfuls of pumpkin guts. 🙂 Tuesday brought our requisite snow storm, it just wouldn’t be Halloween without freezing weather and snow on the ground. It’s always fun trying to fit costumes over winter coats, mittens, and snow boots.
scoop jackOlanterns

It’s also time to start gearing up for ski season. Trying to figure out the ski lesson thing for the kids and I’m hoping to get Joy out this year, we’ll see.

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One response to “Beer bread and jack-o’-lanterns

  1. DenzelWKa

    November 2, 2009 at 6:04 am

    Dear Friends, HAPPY HALOWEEN! A little late..!


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