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This year we took a much more active role in procuring our Thanksgiving day meal. We were invited out to our friends Ivan and Ann’s ranch to help slaughter turkeys. Our “payment” was a huge 33 pound bird. It was interesting and I enjoyed getting first hand experience with the process although the weather made it challenging. We took lots of coffee breaks to warm up. My mother flew in from Anchorage to spend the holiday with us and that was great. She helped with the dinner and pumpkin pie and the kids really enjoyed seeing her again. The meal was fantastic, I think the turkey was the best ever although we hardly made a dent in it. We also had homemade bread, homemade cranberry salad, green bean casserole, and potatoes from our garden. We put up a lot of freezer bags of leftovers. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for this year, God has been very good to us indeed.

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Two feet and counting

november snow
Friday Morning 11/13

We woke up to 15 inches of snow this morning, it’s been snowing all day and as of tonight we’re up to 24. There are areas of the backyard where it’s up to my waist. This fall has been crazy, two feet of snow in October and now two more in November. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hawks are bad

I came home for lunch on Tuesday to find a big hawk feasting on one of our RI Reds. We chased it off but I’m sure it will be back. The hens are locked in the coop for the time being, I need to find some kind of deterrent. I’ve read that stringing fishing line across the run area might dissuade the hawks from swooping in. It’s certainly the cheapest option. The kids were pretty bummed as were Joy and I.

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All Hallow’s Eve

We started this gruesome season off by passing H1N1 around the house.   We could have starred in our very own horror flick called The Swine Invasion.

On the bright side – being house bound for little over a week did make completing costumes a tad easier this year.

Both of the children planned and helped create their costumes this year.   They drew sketches, carefully chose fabrics (pre-Swine), and over saw all costume related activities (including labor management).  My job was to manage expectations and to sew.  The end result was a very convincing Calvin and Hobbes and a Goth Pre-Madonna.

Approximately 20 minutes before trick-or-treat I felt inspired to transform myself.  I might look sweet but believe me there is a sinister side.

BTW: Our Pre-Madonna had the opportunity to go a little crazy this Halloween.  The annual CRAZY HAIR DAY at her elementary school was held the Friday before Halloween.




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