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Winter Storm Warning

It’s only April after all…

… Winter Storm Warning now in effect until 6 am MDT Friday for
elevations above 5000 feet…
… Winter Weather Advisory now in effect until 6 am MDT Friday
for elevations below 5000 feet…

* Snow accumulations: total snow accumulations of 1 to 2 feet
are expected in the mountains… with 2 to 5 inches of snow
possible at lower elevations.

* Winds and visibility: strong west to northwest winds of 25 to
35 mph… with gusts to 45 mph may cause reduced visibilities
below one quarter mile in blowing snow… .especially through
mountain passes

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Pasture Burn

We needed to burn one of our pastures this spring to knock down some of the dead standing weeds. Because there are two old buildings and some cottonwoods in the pasture we decided to hire it out
to someone with the equipment to ensure that neither of those things were burned. I arrived home at around 7:30 last night with a load of hay only to see flames shooting 30 feet in the air out the top of one of the old cottonwoods.
Seems that the fire wasn’t completely out before they left and it spread to the tree and burned out the center. We ended up calling the fire dept to come put it out for fear that it would spread to the other trees or possibly the buildings.
I’m sad to have lost that old tree but it could have been worse. The neighbors all seemed to be entertained though, there were several cars and trucks parked along the road to watch the fire dept spraying and chopping. In all the excitement I forgot to take any pictures sorry about that. Farm life is anything but boring 🙂


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Stormy Saturday

Several storms have blown in today dropping temperatures about 20 deg. bringing a lot of wind but very little rain. I spent most of the day working on fencing projects. One of which was fencing in the bottom of the ditch that runs through the main pasture. I know, exciting stuff…


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New Arrivals; Isabelle and Jumper

Today was a wonderful warm day, perfect for beginning new adventures. We brought home two freshly weaned alpine dairy does. Our kids promptly named them Isabelle and Jumper. We spent the afternoon setting up a pen in the barn before picking them up. To say the children were excited would be an understatement. We’ll see how long that excitement lasts. 😉 Meet the new girls.


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View from my office this morning


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Future Orchard

Here’s a shot of the apple, cherry, and plum trees we planted this weekend.
I hope I live long enough to see the fruits of my labor 🙂


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Yesterday, Today

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