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Tractor drivin’ man

Heading back to the barn after feeding the cows.

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Automatic Slipper Retrieval Unit

Our future engineer’s science project using an electric motor.
It’s a prototype of a device that will store and retrieve your slippers from under the bed. 🙂

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Happy Cows

Now that they’re out of the corral and on grass.

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Till the cows come home

It’s been a long time coming, years actually but it’s finally here. We are now the caretakers of two Galloway cows and two steers.  We borrowed a trailer from some very generous friends,  picked them up Sunday in Livingston and brought them back to the farm. They seem to be settling in but they’re still unsure about us. They met the goats Jumper and Isabelle today. The two young steers were very interested, the cows gave them a glance and then pretty much ignored them. We’ll give them a few more days in the corral to adjust and then turn them out in the pasture. I can’t wait, I love just sitting and watching them.


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Picking up Sticks

Our friends Jim and Cheryl came by today to help us clean up the old homestead pasture. There are lots of old cottonwood branches and a couple of trees that are down that needed to be cleaned up. The first order of business was to flush out the hydraulic system and add new fluid in the tractor. That went suprisingly well and only required one trip for a couple of short pieces of hyd. hose. Once that was done the loader was much more cooperative. Joy and Cheryl set about picking up the smaller branches while Jim and I used the chainsaw and the tractor to clean up the big stuff.  We were able to get the majority of it picked up but there’s probably still a days worth of work to get the rest of it. I worked on setting up some cattle panels this evening to make a corral. Tomorrow we’re going to Livingston to look at and possibly buy some cows and calves. I’m very excited…, and nervous.

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Spring Cleaning

The forecast called for a rainy and perhaps snowy weekend however Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were unexpectedly beautiful!  We took advantage of the sunny yet cool weather and worked outside.

The kids and I cleaned out the chicken coop.  The children did the majority of the work while I ‘supervised’.  The collection of winter dander from the birds was incredibly thick so we all wore bandanas over our noses and mouths.  This year is the first year that both the children have been able to balance and push the wheelbarrow.  They both had a blast pushing the wheelbarrow to and from the compost pile and I had a blast ‘supervising’ rather than working. 🙂

After we finished the coop and the girls check out their new digs, the kids and I began cleaning up the old homestead (emphasis on began).  There are years of downed cottonwood branches littering the ground.  For as quickly as cottonwood decomposes it is amazing how much work there is yet to be done.  While working the kids found a perfectly preserved mallard duck wing and gave it a dignified burial underneath twigs and stones.

Craig worked on rehabing the old fence surrounding the original homestead all day Saturday.  I think he worked harder than the rest of us combined (even though we have more to show for our work).  Fencing is so time consuming and physically taxing.  He crawled into bed after tucking the kids in and slept hard until I woke him up.

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