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Double Rainbow over the Bridgers tonight

The double is a bit faint but still an awesome sight.

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Father’s Day Weekend

We had pretty decent weather for a change this weekend. Friday evening we attended a cookout for the kids VBS program, which they really enjoyed. When we arrived home we noticed that our dog Jack was missing, his collar was still attached to his tie-out. We drove around looking but never found him and went to bed with him still missing. I woke up around 12:30 hearing him barking out back. We were all grateful he made it home.

Saturday we cleaned out the chicken coop and moved the birds from the shed. We also cleaned out the shed and moved our gardening stuff in, it’s nice to have our shed back. The kids are both learning to drive the lawn tractor and mow. It’s a little unnerving but we’re keeping a close eye on them.

Sunday, Dale Brown the former basketball coach at LSU, spoke at church and there was a cookout afterward.
We came home and went for a walk, then I decided an afternoon nap sounded like the perfect father’s day activity 🙂 A big t-storm blew in last evening, we had just put the goats back in the barn when it hit. We hung out in the barn for a bit but as it got worse decided to head for the house, getting soaked and pelted by hail as we ran. After changing out of our wet clothes we sat on the back porch and watched the wind and lightening, quite a show. One of our cottonwood’s blew down too so I’ll have to get that cleaned up.

In the end it was a nice weekend and I came away reminded of how blessed I am.

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13 June, 2010 19:52

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