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Trouble Makers

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Fall Projects

I’ve been pretty busy lately checking off the items on my fall project list. Building a solar heated stock tank was one of them. It’s basically an insulated plywood box with a couple sheets of suntuff on the south facing side to collect light to heat the black steel tank that sits inside. It was a fun project and I hope that it will reduce the number of days that the electric tank heater needs to run this winter.
The old Ford also needed some tlc. We replaced the fuel bowl on the bottom of the tank because the fuel shutoff was leaking and also replaced the voltage regulator since the battery was no longer charging. I didn’t want to deal with a dead battery this winter. I still need to replace the light switch so I’ll have lights on the tractor for the long dark hours that are coming. I took some time off this past week while my Dad was visiting to get these done. It was nice to have him helping me.

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Fishing at the Headwaters

We took the kids to the Headwaters of the Missouri state park to do some sightseeing and fishing with their Grandpa last week. Unfortunately we didn’t catch any fish but it was a beautiful day and a good time was had by all.

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