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Birthday Girl

Finally getting around to posting some pictures of our not so little girls b-day party. The quality is not great, had to use the cell phone because we lost our camera. Her friends came for the party and spent the night. She had a great time, I’ve never seen her so exited for a birthday before.

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Drinking from the hose

Went out to fill the water trough the other day and the cows, being the curious creatures they are, came over to see what was happening. I got a kick out of watching them stick their heads in the water and drink from the hose.

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Hoops are up

We have the hoops in the ground. End wall framing and poly come next. We’re hoping to have it operational by the beginning of May, we’ll see…

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Starting seeds

Sunday was seed starting day. The kids helped mix soil, fill trays, and plant some of the seeds for the garden.They really liked the different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. They liked complaining about the veggies they’re going to have to eat too 🙂

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Hoophouse move

The weather finally cooperated, it was beautiful in fact, and we were able to make it up to Helena to pick up our used hoophouse. Thankfully a couple of friends offered to come along and help take it down and load it on the trailer. Everything went smoothly, a great day all around.

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Feeding time

Thought I’d share a few shots of feeding time on Sunday morning. The cows have learned that the truck means food and usually come running when they see it.

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