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Another beautiful spring morning in SW Montana

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Framing completed

It’s almost ready for plastic. Now if the weather would just cooperate…

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Another shot of winter

Old man winter is still hanging around.


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New chick day

A dozen 2 day old black australorp chicks arrived today. The kids could hardly contain themselves, they were so excited. I’m not sure who was cuter the kids or the chicks.


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Spring is coming

All in good time.


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Recycled Roof Metal

We recently purchased a load of hail damaged roof metal for a really good price. Today we borrowed a trailer to pick it up.
Joy was a trooper, helping load and unload all of it. I think she’s paying for it now though 😦

We’re planning on using it to re-roof our two old outbuildings as well as build a 3-sided shelter for the cows.
It’s in pretty good shape and we’re very grateful to have found it.

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