Finally Poly

23 May

It’s been a struggle. Work, wind, rain, snow, and mechanical breakdowns have all conspired to frustrate our attempts to erect the hoop house. But today, the Lord was with us. With the help of my trusted assistant (that’s my wife) we were able to get poly attached to the ends of the house and so far at least it’s still attached.

We hope to get the main sheets of poly on this weekend and finish hauling manure so we can plant. I still have to address the mechanical breakdowns I mentioned. The tractor’s fan belt broke and the flat tire I’ve been airing up each time I used it finally gave up on holding any air at all. A new belt is on order and the tire is off and ready to be dropped off at the tire shop.

The cows are all quite happy now that they have green grass to eat. They’re not much interested in hay any more. I’ve been moving them every couple of days to a new strip of pasture and they’re doing their job as grass harvesting machines. They watch intently as I setup a new grazing area for them and then all I have to do is call them and clap my hands a few time and they come running. That’s the fun part 🙂

The kids are nearly done with school for the year. They’ve been counting the days. Joy has already planned summer camps, swimming lessons, vbs, and historical tours around the state. Cousins will also be coming in July. I think they’re going to have a great summer.

Tonight we grilled some salmon and and asparagus and played catch in the yard, it was sweet!
Spring is an awesome time on the farm. I’m thankful daily that I’ve been trusted with caring for this place and everyone on it.


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Posted by on May 23, 2011 in Farm, Garden, Kids, Weather


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