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New Calves

I apologize for being so late in posting this. We’ve been extremely busy and the blog has taken a bit of a backseat.

As of now we have two new calves on the ground. Tess calved first, a bull born on the 4th of July, and next came Lucy with a heifer on the 10th. Currently they both are doing fine but the first few days with Tess’s calf were quite an adventure.

Indy, as we’re calling him, would not nurse or take a bottle for the first three days. He was weak and really didn’t move around much. We were forced to put mom in the head catch and milk her twice a day, followed by shoving a feeding tube attached to a bottle down his throat. He really hated that, we didn’t enjoy it much either. On the third day Joy saw him nurse in the morning. We continued to monitor him and saw him nurse several more times that day. He’s steadily improved and seems healthy and happy now. I have to admit I wasn’t mentally prepared despite knowing there’s always the possibility for problems. I’m really thankful that Indy seems to have made it through and we are grateful to have learned from the experience.

We’re still waiting on Winnie, she’s due sometime in August.

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Farm, Cousins, and Alaska Oh My!

My brother Steve, his wife Alice, and thier girls drove out from Ohio to stay with us for two weeks. Joy and Alice promptly flew off to Alaska to see my Mom and do some fly-fishing while Steve and I stayed on the farm with the kids for a week.

We tried to keep them busy with camping, caving, the splash park, exploring and chores. I think we were marginally successful. It was great watching our kids with their cousins, they had a lot of fun and are missing them since they left.

Steve and I were able to get the old wood-shed torn down that will be reused for a new, larger chicken coop. Thanks Steve!

Joy and Alice, despite their fears didn’t freeze to death in Alaska, and more remarkably have become fly-fishing enthusiasts! Catching a lot of fish can have that affect, or so I’m told. 😉

It was great having them here, I enjoyed catching up with my brother and getting to know his kids better.

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