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My wife Joy and I have been married 15 years. We have two awesome kids, 9 and 7. We both grew up in the midwest but have lived in soutwestern Montana for the past 11 years. On our small farm we raise all natural grass fed Galloway beef, Alpine goats for milk, half a dozen chickens, one dog and a barn full of cats. We can or freeze as much as possible from our garden each year and get fresh eggs every day from our chickens. I also hunt to help keep the freezer stocked. We try to source as much of our food locally as we can.

It’s been a while since we’ve posted.  The summer months are so full of activity on a farm.  Here are some of the things we’ve been up to in the past week.

Last weekend we moved half of the cows across the street to greener pastures and half we moved to our dried out west pasture because we’re bringing in a bull next week.  It’s hard to say which group is luckier.  We also slaughtered chickens (not so lucky for them) and picked hordes of tomatoes (lucky for us).  

We made 3 meals out of the rooster we slaughtered.  My favorite was Nepali Dahl (an Indian curry with sprouted legumes, tomato, and broccoli.)  I also made some amazing broth from the bones.  The broth is an amazing golden color and set up into a thick jelly.  Grass fed bone broth is great for joint health and when consumed regularly helps with arthritic pain.   

Monday morning we loaded up one of our mama cows (Tess) to take to auction.  She’s a sweet thing and we already miss her.  However, with this year’s drought and skyrocketing hay prices we need to downsize any way we can.  
We also picked approximately 30lbs of tomatoes.  We sold 15lbs and the rest I washed, cored, and froze on cookie sheets.  In the next day or so I’ll throw them (frozen) into food saver bags and vacuum seal them.  When we’re ready to cook with tomatoes this winter all need to do is run them under hot water and the skin comes off in one big chunk.  This is a fast and great way to have tomato on hand for cooking during the winter months.  I think we’ll have nearly the same amount of tomato this weekend.  YEAH!!
The evening temperature tonight is supposed to be in the 30’s so I’m rounding up blankets to cover the cucumber and squash plants.  And the greenhouse sides will be rolled down to keep the tomatoes, melons, and pumpkins warm.  Ahh…gardening in Montana.
If we have time over the weekend we’ll continue putting siding on the new chicken coop.  Hopefully, next summer the chickens will have their own pasture and won’t be roaming freely through our yard, flower beds, and the street.
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A Week on the Farm

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Sunset on the farm


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Eat Your Veggies or At Least Read About Them

We started harvesting from the greenhouse a few weeks ago and selling produce last week.  Here are a few descriptions of the mouth watering veggies now available for sale.


Baby Oakleaf – I’m a mid-western girl with a fondness for oak trees. I don’t get to feast my eyes on them very often.   So — this year when we planted Baby Oakleaf in our garden beds I felt like we brought a little of the mid-west to our mountain home.  I smile every time I head out to the garden and see small oak tree like leaves bursting through the soil.  I’ve also enjoyed feasting on the delicate leaves.  Baby Oakleaf Lettuce is a dwarf, compact version of Green Oakleaf.  It’s tasty and tender medium green leaves are oakleaf-shaped with rounded lobes. (Grown from certified USDA Organic seed)

Seed Savers Lettuce Mixture – My mother taught me that meals should never be monochromatic but bursting with color.  Using Seed Savers Lettuce Mix helps me follow this helpful little rule.  This flavorful and color rich mix contains: Australian Yellowleaf, Forellenschuss, Pablo, Red Velvet and at least four other yummy loose leaf varieties.  Remember mother knows best! 

Winter Density – Originally bred in England this loose head lettuce is bloody good.  The large dark green curled leaves are sweet, crisp, succulent and good enough for a king (or queen). Cheerio! (Grown from certified USDA Organic seed)

Yugoslavian Red Butterhead – I love a good story almost as much as I love good food (or is it the other way around?).  The story behind this succulent heirloom lettuce variety is that it was preserved by a peasant family in Marburg, Yugoslavia.  It’s beautiful pomegranate red-tinged leaves form loose heads around a green apple interior and an almost white center.  Pair this mild buttery lettuce with apples or strawberries.

Red Romaine – Every now and again our family gorges on a large cheesy glutenous pizza.  Last night was one such night.  However, I managed only to eat one small piece because the salad we made from our home-grown Red Romaine was so delightfully good – I ate the whole bowl.  (Grown from certified USDA Organic seed)


Five Color Silverbeet:  Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat VERSUS our Australian heirloom Rainbow Chard.  I’m not sure which would win the prize for outrageously flamboyant color.   You decide.   While you’re making up your mind remember chard is an excellent source of vitamins C, K, and A; B-carotene, foliates, niacin, vitamin B-6, thiamin, pantothenic acid, copper, calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, manganese and phosphorus.  Whew! Its an amazingly tough choice between the dreamcoat and chard – but you can do it! (Grown from certified USDA Organic seed)

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Transplanting Day

Today we transplanted all our starts into the greenhouse. It went pretty smoothly and took less time than expected. If I didn’t know better I might think we were starting to figure this out. The kids worked hard and were a big help.

Last weekend we planted seeds and they’re already starting to come up. We’re starting to get ready for the outdoor garden too. That will get planted the first part of June.

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Easter Eggs

Brown eggs are great for coloring.

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Friday Morning Sunrise

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Nancy’s !?

We made some chicken&noodles this weekend from one of our "retired" laying hens, it was awesome. Got my Nancy’s fix.


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